Possessing an innate gift for fashion and a flair for style, Monica Matocha grew up with an encouraging and savvy mother Karen, who always taught her, “If you can visualize it, you can create it.”  Together the two have been breathing life into their visions for many years now.

An accomplished competitive dancer in her younger days, Monica was never satisfied with costume selections available in stores or online.  Collaborating together, Monica and Karen began designing and embellishing jaw-dropping masterpieces for the dance floor.  Monica became known as “rhinestone queen”, and though years have passed, her costumes are still being talked about as legendary.


After the dance years, Monica began singing and playing guitar, and before long “rhinestone queen” became “rocker chic pop star”. As her music career progressed, her love for style and jewelry only intensified. It didn’t take long for her fans to identify her by the edgy stylish outfits, excessive layers of necklaces, wrists full of bracelets, and rings on every finger; typically a combination of pieces she made and vintage finds. Fans and friends were always commenting on the jewelry, wanting it for themselves. Their adoration and excitement quickly inspired the mother/daughter team to make their creations available and thus the birth of ROCKLUXE.


As the jewelry gained popularity, Monica was repeatedly recognized as a style influencer of the rocker chic look. Each ROCKLUXE creation provides the edgy vibe for which Monica is known.  While the majority of ROCKLUXE is specially crafted utilizing semi-precious stones and pave diamonds, Monica still likes to mix in her love of vintage treasures and unique elements.  ROCKLUXE is created to combine in ways that help you make a statement of your own.